Why Kitchen Steam Cleaning is the Best Option?

Steam cleaning is now considered one of the most effective yet affordable ways to completely get rid dirt, allergens, grease, and stains from floor or from kitchen equipment. There are indeed some popular methods to clean a restaurant or diner for chemical and scraping cleaning methods. This particular method makes use of detergent; it can kill bacteria, but it takes a lot of effort and is not time-efficient.

Kitchen Steam Cleaning

Besides being a high traffic area in any restaurant, kitchen is the place where all your foods are cooked and therefore air quality needs to be perfectly good to prevent pollution or contamination to everything that you eat. Kitchen is probably the most important yet overlooked area in the restaurants. To properly handle all the food residues, dirt, bacteria, and every pollutant in the kitchen, you need professional steam cleaners.

Cleaning solution is possibly used with steam cleaning applications. There are many different cleaning solutions, and some of them are completely safe. Because the excess of water or moisture is quickly dried, there will be very small to none chemical residues. Especially for kitchen, the absence of chemical residues is highly essential to keep a healthy space and prevent foods from being contaminated. The dirt is gone, and the air and food cooking quality is intact.
Do you need estimate how much is to Deep Clean your Kitchen?
Our on-site estimate will cost you reasonable $50. Free for Non-Profit organizations, schools, hospitals, Churches etc.
However, we can give you Rough/ Ballpark Free Estimate -if you send cleaning description and pic’s of kitchen to our email address [email protected]

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Hygienic Cleaning Solution for Kitchen

Many areas in the kitchen can easily get dirty such countertop, stoves, cabinets, walls and certainly the floor. During a cooking process, many ingredients are involved, for example meats, flours, eggs, etc. Some parts of those ingredients are probably left behind on countertop or tables, and they become perfect place for bacteria to grow. The best thing about kitchen steam cleaning is that it is possible to clean even hard-to-reach areas easily. Steam can wash out every surface, corners, table surface, cabinets, and everything else. Even better, it is not necessary to use harmful chemical cleaning agents. Hot steam along can kill bacteria almost in an instant, so your kitchen remains clean, healthy, ideal place to cook all your foods on a daily basis.

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Steam vs. Harsh Chemicals

Harsh Chemical treatment has been the choice of many kitchens for years. These methods involve foam created by a mix of water and detergent. The foam can break up accumulation of dirt and stains on surfaces, but it is mainly effective only top layer of dirt or grease when applied on. It is highly unlikely that only chemical treatment can complete the deep cleaning job in the kitchen.

Kitchen steam cleaning may also use detergent, but it does not produce foam. As the name suggests, it produces steam from hot water. Steam is not a liquid material, and therefore it can penetrate through grease and dirt more efficiently compared to water. A mix of water produces hot steam and / or with cleaning solution-, some applications do not even require any cleaning agent at all. Either way, hot steam is effective to reduce accumulation of bacteria, mites, and germs, or even pollutants, hard surfaces in kitchen, and inside any common material. Kitchen steam cleaning equipment comes in many different shapes. There are specific nozzles for many different areas such kitchen equipment, walls and floors; detail nozzles are also available to reach corners and other difficult areas. Steam gun can is used for cleaning hoods, vents, fans, ceiling, and ovens as well.

Water is still an important part of the cleaning method, but the level of moisture can be easily adjusted depending on the work surface. Once the hot steam is applied, there will be excess of water and moisture on the kitchen floor surface or equipment. The good thing is that most steam cleaners utilize suction component to absorb moisture from the floor. In other words, your kitchen can be used after couple of hours after the cleaning process.

When to Consider Professional Steam Cleaning Service

Steam cleaner can be easily purchased from the market. It is now a popular kitchen appliance and available in many different types. Any restaurant owner can basically perform the entire cleaning without any help from professional. However, those appliances are mainly home-grade and probably not as effective as advertised. In the hands of professional with commercial-grade steam cleaners, you can expect only better results. Here are some reasons why you need to hire professionals.

Deep Kitchen Cleaning

A professional understand the best cleaning techniques to achieve maximum results and the proper tools or cleaning solution to use for every situation, even in the kitchen.
The task of kitchen steam cleaning seems to be a straightforward commercial chore. It is important, however, to understand the type of materials (wood, stainless steel, aluminum, tiles, fabric, furniture pieces, ceramic, etc.) to clean. The task does not simply involve the use of heated water and cleaning solution, but also the appropriate tool to use and the cleaning agent that does not leave dangerous residue.

CE Commercial Kitchen Steam Cleaning Virginia can provide a quality kitchen deep cleaning service tailored to your requirements from the cleaning of individual items to full kitchen deep cleans without upsetting your own working schedule.

*Do you need estimate how much is to Deep Clean your Kitchen?
*Our on-site estimate will cost you reasonable $50 ( Nonprofit Organizations and Churches will still get free estimate).
*However, we can give you Rough/ Ballpark Free Estimate -if you send cleaning description and pic’s of kitchen to our email address [email protected]
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